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Expanding the welcoming of newcomers

Netwerk Nieuwkomers Amsterdam, NNA, is a coalition of integration organisations in Amsterdam, focused on integrating “nieuwkomers” (newcomers) into the city. The different organisations within the network are diverse and come from different backgrounds.

The project involved creating a responsive website for NNA that would allow them to spread the word about the network, share different stories of nieuwkomers, provide an overview of all the different organisations involved, and make it easy for other organisations to join NNA.

Close collaboration with NNA was kept to understand their needs and what message they wanted to spread. The design of the website was kept clear and simple, with a focus on usability and ease of navigation. 

One of the key features of the website was the stories section. Inspiring and heart-warming stories of the nieuwkomers who have benefited from the coalition’s work were collected on the website. These stories were presented in an engaging and visually appealing format, helping visitors to connect with the organisations mission on a more personal level.